Is addiction a disease? World Science Festival panel broadcast

6 Apr 2016

CYSAR Director, Professor Wayne Hall was a participant in a panel discussion on the values and ethics of replacing our bodies with 'better' bionic body parts.

The panel was part of Brisbane's World Science Festival and hosted by ABC Radio National. A producer's selection of the panel discussion can be listened to here.

The bionic body is closer than you think! The technology is out there to edit our genes and replace body parts. Those afflicted by disease may cheer, but such developments will cause our value systems to bend and flex like never before.

Are you prepared to step up to the crease to face a bowler with an enhanced bionic arm, coupled with a bionic eye? Or go beyond the sports field and into a warzone with a super solider? How far is too far? Should we allow chemically enhanced performance on the sporting field, in the classroom and in our defence forces? And how do we make such decisions?

Join our experts to sort through the ethics of making us less ‘human’ and more ‘perfect’.