The National Centre for Youth Substance Use Research (NCYSUR) was established in 2008 through the shared vision of the Graeme Wood Foundation and The University of Queensland. 

NCYSUR seeks to promote the health and well-being of young people by increasing Australia’s capacity to respond effectively to the harm associated with alcohol, tobacco, and other drug misuse. 

NCYSUR aims to:

  • Understand the pathways by which young people engage in substance misuse;
  • Be at the cutting edge of research into new and innovative ways of preventing and treating substance misuse among young people;
  • Make significant and tangible improvements to youth service provision;
  • Positively influence state and national approaches to youth substance misuse prevention and treatment through information dissemination, policy refinement and public advocacy; and,
  • Ensure youth have a voice and input into the research directions of the Centre.

NCYSUR partnerships

NCYSUR partnerships have made it possible to draw together the research and clinical expertise of internationally regarded Australian scholars in the field of substance use disorders. NCYSUR's partner organisations are:

  • Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences, The University of Queensland; and,
  • The Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation, Queensland University of Technology.

NCYSUR research

Research at NCYSUR focuses on:

  • Generating knowledge about the development, prevention and treatment of youth substance misuse;
  • Dissemination of new findings to individuals, health services, government and the community to make positive changes for young people and their community;
  • Advocating for improved access to evidence-based treatment and prevention for young people; and
  • Engaging with young people and youth health services to ensure that NCYSUR’s research is responsive to community needs.

NCYSUR is supported by core funding from the Australian Government under the Drug and Alcohol Program and The University of Queensland Endowment Fund with a philanthropic contribution from Graeme Wood and Andrew Brice.