Professor Rundle-Thiele continues a six year collaboration with the Director, CYSAR, senior research fellows, and RHD students.  She is working on a large project funded by the Qld Catholic Education Commission and the team are developing an online education program to change adolescent attitudes toward alcohol with CYSAR colleagues. Sharyn is an internationally renowned expert in social marketing and she is the Founding Director of Social Marketing @ Griffith.

Funded by two ARC Linkage grants to date the Blurred Minds project has changed how 5,000 Qld Secondary school students think about alcohol and components of the intervention are now available in 183 Queensland schools. Research outputs from this trial have been published in highly-ranked journals across several disciplines (alcohol and other drugs, business, and social marketing) as well as in fully published refereed international conference proceedings. Data collected in this trial has enabled a CYSAR PhD student conducting mindfulness trials in Qld Schools to validate a short form questionnaire to improve targeting of preventative school programs.


Select publications related to this collaboration include:

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