Researcher biography

Professor Annemaree Carroll is Deputy Associate Dean (Research) in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and Professor in the School of Education at The University of Queensland. Her research activities focus on the motivational determinants underpinning children and adolescents’ educational, social and emotional outcomes and how to enhance their academic and emotional self-regulatory capacities. She is known nationally and internationally for the construction of psychometrically sound instruments for the study of self-regulatory processes and for the development of innovative and unique self-regulatory interventions for children and youth to bring about positive change in their lives. She has conceptualised and coordinated the development of the Mindfields Suite of Programs (, which encompass a strengths-based approach to student wellbeing that targets school-wide practices, teacher and student education and to help young people take control of their lives. She has also led a team of researchers to develop the KooLKIDS Resources (, an emotion resilience program aimed to empower children to live well with themselves and others by learning social, emotional and cognitive skills that promote self-regulation and wellbeing.