How much booze is too much during the festive season?

15 Dec 2022

Associate Professor Matthew Gullo spoke to the Law Society Journal about how much booze is too much during the festive season.

You can preview the article on the Law Society Journal website.

He provided comments on ways to examine your risk of harm to alcohol use.

Associate Professor Gullo explains that individual consequences of alcohol consumption including the risks taken when drinking can be a good measure of the impacts. He wants people to think about these questions concerning their drinking habits:

“Is it affecting your health in the sense of your family relationships? Does it lead to violence or domestic violence? Does it lead to getting behind the wheel of a car when you’re over the limit? How might this month of indulgence affect your liver 20 or 30 years from now?”

Seizing control of the silly season is recommended by Associate Professor Gullo, where individuals should challenge their attitudes towards alcohol and especially the pervasive belief that alcohol is an essential social lubricant. He notes “There are many times when we do just fine when we’re not drinking” and if you are worried about what others think about you adjusting your drinking behaviour, he explains that “people probably aren’t watching you as closely as you might think they are”.

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